Scary Doors – Halloween in EB 2/3 do Caniço

This year, Escola Básica dos 2º e 3º Ciclos do Caniço has celebrated Halloween from the last week of October until the end of the first week of November. During that period, both students and the rest of the school community could enjoy the scary, but very creative, Halloween ornaments that this year decorated the doors of the classrooms of each class.

In the 2º Ciclo, the students, in general, used only one motif to decorate their door, for example, the little ghosts´ door, the bats door, the spidery spiders’ door, etc.
In the 3º Ciclo, the students, after recalling vocabulary related to this festivity in class, could either choose and draw their favourite motifs or have a motif randomly drawn from a paper raffle by each student in the class. Then, on the classroom doors, the students could see at least twenty different Halloween characters/elements.
In general, most of us students adhered very well to this activity and showed a lot of enthusiasm and creativity. We really preferred the way our English teachers decided to ask us to contribute to Halloween this year, because we could see our work every day, whenever we entered our classrooms and we could also see how creative and different the other doors were. Before, we could only see the exhibition if we crossed the long corridor, but we needed permission.
Most of us, from the English club, preferred the decoration on the GIP door, because it was really creepy!

Text written by Matilde Silva
(with contributions from the English Club students)

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